Shaktoolik soundwalk

The small village of Shaktoolik is at risk of being washed away by the ocean in the near future. This 30-minute virtual-reality audio piece took listeners from the streets of Anchorage to Shaktoolik, allowing them to experience what life is like on the edge of change.

Scavenger Hunt

This interactive scavenger uncovered hidden stories about Anchorage's past, present and future.  Participants used their phones to hear audio stories and clues that sent them through the city, while gathering limited-edition prints from local artists along the way.   


Frontier of Change producer Joel de Jesus returned to his home town of Point Hope for the first time in 15 years for the annual whaling feast, Qagruq. He created a short film that screened at the Anchorage Museum, followed by a panel conversation with the audience. 

Portland to Shaktoolik

On Wednesday, Oct 4th, we offered a special version of our Shaktoolik Soundwalk, transporting listeners from the streets of Maine's largest city to a small Alaskan village on the edge of change. Presented to coincide with the Arctic Council Meeting in Portland.