What's it like to walk in a village on the edge?


   Shaktoolik is a small village on Alaska's Norton Sound. Without sea ice to protect it from fierce storms, this community of 260 people faces coastal erosion and flooding.  It's one of the five most endangered communities in Alaska... a strong storm could put it several feet under water.  This self-guided virtual tour will transport you Shaktoolik. 

The audio is below (stream on your mobile device or click the download arrow in the SoundCloud player to get the mp3). The accompanying map can be found here

Designed to be heard in Anchorage, starting outside the Anchorage Museum.  


Images from Shaktoolik:



Participants in the Frontier of Change audio scavenger hunt used their phones to send keywords and receive texted clues and links to audio stories, sending them on a journey through downtown Anchorage.

The hunt was designed as a one-time only experience.  However, you can still get a sense of what the event was like by listening to each audio piece below in order.  


part 1 - introduction

Meant to be heard in the Anchorage Museum lobby.


part 2 - dena'ina history


Meant to be heard in the Anchorage Museum lawn. 


part 3- oil

Meant to be heard outside Darwin's Theory bar. 



Meant to be heard outside the Visit Anchorage cabin. 


Part 5 - the future

Meant to be heard outside the Bubbly Mermaid.